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So, here I am, writing my first post in my new blog. Eight years after I started working with WordPress, I decide to use it for the same purpose it was created at the beginning.

Eight years give you enough time to do a lot of things and learn a lot. In this time, I’ve built blogs, corporate sites, and stores for different people and companies. I’ve developed themes, plugins, WooCommerce extensions, and many other projects. But over these things, I’ve witnessed the evolution of WordPress, from a tool that people used to say that “it just for blogs” to become the most popular CMS on the Internet.

WordPress is not just for blogs, not these days, but it’s still considered a synonym of publishing content. Many people and companies around the world have written hundreds of thousands of posts to transmit their knowledge, promote their businesses, or just to share their stories and thoughts with the rest.

During these years, I have read a lot of articles, tutorials, and opinions from other people. It didn’t matter the topic, I always found an infinite number of posts talking about it. And I used to think to myself, It’s really necessary I start a blog? What content can I write that nobody hasn’t written yet? The answer was always, none.

So, why starting a blog now? Well, maybe after so much time, I’ve found a topic to talk about.

Just another WordPress blog?

In my recent years as a developer, I’ve focused on creating and maintain WooCommerce extensions which are sold in the official marketplace. These projects have expanded the way I used to develop for WordPress and pushed me to improve my development workflow and the quality of the code.

Managing WooCommerce extensions that are used by thousands of stores around the world is “slightly” different from creating themes or plugins for a specific site, and I think the topic of creating products for WordPress hasn’t been explored enough, or at least, I would have liked to find more information about things to take into consideration for this kind of projects that I really found.

Additionally, as the lead developer of these projects, I needed to find a way to transmit what I’ve learned to my new workmates as part of the onboarding process.

So, instead of creating internal documentation, I decided to share this knowledge with everyone.

Final thoughts

Starting a blog is a challenge for me. But my purpose it’s clear, to collect everything which helped me during these years and share this knowledge with the WordPress community from which I have received so much.

This is my contribution. I really hope the resources you find here help you to grow as a professional in the same way it helped to me, and if you have the opportunity, contribute to the WordPress community too.

Juan José

By Juan José

Building amazing products for WordPress & WooCommerce since 2012.