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Hi, I’m Juan José González, a WordPress and WooCommerce developer with more than ten years of experience.

I live in Madrid, Spain, the city I moved to after finishing my degree as a Computer Scientist Engineer.

I started working as a PHP developer in 2010, and I have never stopped learning new technologies and capabilities. I like the well-done work and paying attention to the details. I always do my best and try to grow as a professional with each new project.

I’m also a big fan of Laravel, a framework that I love to use when I’m not working with WordPress.

Currently, I’m working as the Lead Developer at KoiLab, where I design, develop, and maintain some popular WooCommerce extensions that are sold in the official marketplace like Order Delivery, Store Credit, Instagram, and AWeber.

If you want to know more about me, take a look at my different social network profiles or just contact me.